Ynamdar Market: Know in Detail About This Online Marketplace


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Ynamdar, Turkmenistan’s leading online business, is holding another massive lottery, with a Toyota Corolla 2021 as the primary prize.

In addition, the program will raffle off another 40 significant items, including ten washers, ten air conditioning systems, ten televisions, and ten cell phones. That’s not all, though.

Gifts provided by Ynamdar and associates of the web retailer from the “Store” category will increase the list of prizes in the days ahead. On Ynamdar’s social networks, new rewards can be found.

  • Privacy Policy

The reality is that Ynamdar can’t compete with the greatest in the world. Currently, the company has invested heavily in new techniques, such as artificial intelligence (AI), in an attempt to optimize an already amazing system that outperforms that of long-established shipping and logistics firms.

Retailers should be aware that Seller Actualised Prime allows them to qualify for Premium without using FBA. Achieving Ynamdar’s exacting standards, on the other hand, will be a big ask for most. Despite their best efforts, competitors are unable to match this success statistic.

Ynamdar has amassed a customer base of thousands of satisfied customers over the years by offering high-quality assistance and being attentive to their issues. Third-party merchants who accept Ynamdar Pay are expected to get the same standard of service and response as Ynamdar Pay and to follow this Ynamdar Pay Policy.

 They may take any remedial action that they consider appropriate and is authorized under the Ynamdar Transactions Inc. Terms And conditions if they find that any transaction breaches this standard and is thus illegal, improper, or leads to an undesirable customer experience.

  • How to reach Ynamdar for any queries?

Customers can pick how they want to receive information about Ynamdar’s products and services in a variety of ways.

You can submit them your needs and preferences in the following methods, either online or by mail:

Online: Log into your Ynamdar.com profile and go to the Communication systems & Privacy page for instructions.


Consult them by going to their Store & Company Feedback page as well as selecting “Company Questions and Comments” from the list to contact the Support Team with any queries about this Policy, or by writing to the Ynamdar Privacy Office with just about any comments or questions about just this Policy or how they manage your details.

  • Prizes  For Customers

To receive a lottery win, you must spend 500 manats in the “Market” portion of Ynamdar or order products for 250 manats in the “Store” part of Orient starting February 1. The customer can one lottery win for each order placed for the sums shown above. There are no restrictions on the number of tickets that can be purchased per individual e.g., if the order total in the “Market” portion is 1,000 manats, the delivery driver will immediately deliver two scratch cards to the buyer. The winners of the lottery will be revealed live in early May. On Ynamdar’s Instagram profile, you may watch a live stream of the lotto ticket draw. It is also expected to broadcast video here on the retail store’s main social media sites.