Vox Cinema in Dubai: What You Should Know Before Buying Ticket


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What would it feel like to watch your favorite movie while surrounded by Vox? especially if the weather is quite hot. The Vox Cinema at the Mall of the Emirates is the top theatre in Dubai if you want to have that kind of experience.

The scope and diversity of each comprehensive fit-out project test their teams, forcing them to carefully coordinate planning, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and other operations. Partnering with an entertaining company like VOX Cinemas is a great luxury. This degree of precision is maintained throughout the whole project lifespan, right down to the snagging operations, thanks to the site management teams’ oversight. The final finishing of every cinema, such as the stone, joinery, tiling, metal, carpets, and wallpaper throughout all objects and designated places, are guaranteed to represent their performance attitude as Havelock One Interiors.

They have thus far been in control of eight partly turnkey fit-out initiatives, located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Manama, Riyadh, and Jeddah.

Vox Cinemas with Ski Dubai have partnered to provide this one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to view movies of the highest possible quality even while taking advantage of the interior ski resort.

A solo Vox Cinema encounter for 2-3 persons, a Vox Cinema + Penguin encounter, and a Vox Cinema + VoxPark experience are just a few of the ticket possibilities offered by Vox Cinema. All seats include VOX Cinemas’ renowned popcorn, a locker, 1 hot chocolate, wireless headphones, equipment rental, outfit, and fleece gloves.

Vox and Chef Gary Rhodes

Cinema snacks are taken seriously at Vox theatres. They take it so seriously that at two of their spots in Dubai, they have teamed up with award-winning chef Gary Rhodes to offer you the upscale dining and movie experience ThEATre by Rhodes. Instead of a typical popcorn counter, this theater’s waiting room is decorated to resemble a high-end Gary Rhodes restaurant. If you’d like, you may even eat outside before the film. Here, you’ll discover an exotic menu with options like fish and chips (Dhs65), chicken liver foie gras pate (Dhs45), and even desserts like sticky toffee pudding and cheesecake. Forget about the simple choice of a hot dog or fries (while it’s on the menu). A basic cinema ticket is Dhs168; customers can order food à la carte or pay Dhs265 for a ticket that includes admission to the movie, a 3-course dinner, a drink, and coffee. When you’ve received your order, the theater’s interior is equally luxurious. Large armchairs are very well, perfectly reclining, and furnished with a blanket and pillows for your comfort. There is plenty of room on the side tables for your meals, so even though the service may be a touch slow dependent on how packed the theatre is, it is not noticeable. Vox has truly nailed the harmony between dining and film, and we’d contend that this is the one to top.

One of Dubai’s biggest and best movie theatres is the Vox Cinemas at Deira City Center. There are 20 screens ready for you to select from, including MAX – City 101.6, 4DX, GOLD, and KIDS theatres.

With a 408 square meter surface, the screens are also the biggest in the area. By choosing your preferred theatre, menu, and beverages, you may also design your own customized cinema experience. The Vox app makes ordering food simple. Of course, spare yourself the trouble of having to visit each outlet and make a food selection. You must order food well enough in advance from any of the restaurants on the app.

Because it might get rather cold in Snow Cinema by VOX Theaters. Even though it may have grown colder outdoors, it gets chilly inside as well. Say it’s three degrees below zero. Winter Wonderland, Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, the world’s first artificial ski resort with a movie theatre, is a theatrical experience that is just ready to be explored. And we suggest that you put on Santa’s overalls to find this one.

Types of cinemas:

Each time you enter VOX Cinemas, try stuff fresh. You’ll not grow sick of watching movies in luxury including over eight different unique filmgoing experiences! How are you going to watch the newest blockbusters?


When you see a movie in IMAX, you can fully immerse yourself in the story. The best way to experience the greatest blockbusters is with IMAX, which offers larger-than-life convex screens, a well-tuned combined audio system, and comfy chairs.


The unique cinema idea of KIDS was created specifically for young moviegoers. In our vibrant, family-friendly theatres, kids and parents can view the newest animated, action, including adventure movies.


We’ve transformed the premium cinematic experience to offer dinner and drinks up an entirely new meaning. Experience the upscale private lounge as you choose from a delicious menu featuring premium cuisine and energizing mocktails.

No distraction

Step forward. drift off. Every movie enthusiast knows that getting lost in the narrative onscreen is the favorite moment of going to the movies. Talking on cellphones, arriving late, and having guests below 18 are prohibited.


4DX is the film experience for individuals who would like to live a movie rather than just see it, and it is only available at VOX Cinemas in the Mideast. It is the pinnacle of the movie-going experience, complete with motion seats, fragrance, wind, water effects, and light.


If I’m not at home, there’s a good possibility that I’m out with friends for a movie night. I just purchased a ticket for tonight.

I adore movies, and I only see them at Vox because the sound and pictures are so incredible.Another factor that keeps me coming back to the theatre is the cuisine. Their Kamakazi fries are quite delicious. (Charlene)

Had the good fortune to watch Fast & Furious 9 in 4D at the Vox Cinema MOE. What an amazing adventure! It’s so much fun to have the seat move in an action game! I advise anyone who likes cinema including action films to visit 4DX. (Francesco G.)