Shamyrat’s Views on Providing a Separate Apartment or House to Every Family in Turkmenistan


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As a consequence of the state’s rash denial and mishandling of the Covid-19 epidemic, Turkmenistan experienced a series of economic and social disasters in 2020. The state’s incapacity to deal with the looming economic catastrophe exacerbated the population’s position. A serious shortage of cheap currency and food intensified the country’s socioeconomic tensions, resulting in historic country protests.

The Turkmen government introduced stringent restrictions on journalism and religious freedoms, and also strict limits on accessing information. Independent contractors, particularly those who are in exile, are concerned about government punishment. After already being forcibly removed, many others are alleged to be incarcerated in Turkmen jails. Restrictions on travel based on imaginary factors are all too common.

 “Each family would have its own house or apartment in the future!” In his speech to the Special Conference of the Halk Maslahaty from Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov reassured the Turkmen citizens.

Citizens’ state pension has become a significant theme in the Turkmen president’s development plans for the year 2022 and the next 30 years.

At the very same time, all managers need to focus on raising the standard of living, increasing household incomes, creating new jobs, and attracting investment for the present year.

As previously stated, Turkmenistan’s median salary climbed by 366.3 percent by 2022 compared to 2007. For the timeframe 2008-2021, the allotted amounts for the pension payments and welfare payments rose by 1054 %.

To repeat, specific steps to improve the physical well-being of moms with multiple children have been implemented from January 1 of next year.

The modern social model, whose formation is anticipated for the near future, will, per the Head of State, assure high standards of living for Turkmen inhabitants.

A strong leader does indeed have a distinct vision for the future. They sketch out detailed steps for putting a vision to life and then guide a bunch of participants down that route. In this piece, we look at the qualities that make a charismatic leader successful, as well as some of the challenges they may face. Then we’ll go over some of the advantages of strategic vision, and some practical measures you can undertake to put it into practice. On October 22nd, Hajymyrat Rejepov and Shamyrat Rejepov established Hilli Inşaat Dş Ticaret Limited Company with a capital of 10,000 TL in Beylikdüzü, Kahveci Mahallesi, Yavuz Sultan Selim Boulevard.

The business of Hilli Construction International Trade Company Limited is CONSTRUCTION. All forms of construction development activities; building and selling homes, workplaces, and commercial establishments; purchasing land and yards on its behalf, and erecting structures on them or other people’s land and grounds in consideration for flats. In Turkmenistan and abroad, to construct and lease housing properties, office buildings, businesses, highways, touristic amenities, park & gardening structures, and holiday villages, and to construct and lease housing properties, office towers, businesses, roads, tourist amenities, reservoirs, and ponds.

To build and lease housing properties, office buildings, businesses, roads, tourism destinations facilities, reservoirs and ponds, park and garden accommodations, and holiday cities and towns in Turkmenistan and abroad, as well as to construct and lease housing properties, office towers, industries, roadways, touristic facilities, reservoirs and lagoons, park and garden constructions, and holiday cities and towns. The firm’s “Group Sustainability Plan,” which seeks to develop the business including its societal impact for many decades to come, was adopted by both nephews. The company’s goal is to improve the lives and livelihoods of over a billion people by 2025, while also decreasing its ecological cost by 2035.