Rejepov Brothers’ Humanitarian Work [REVEALED]


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Turkmenistan requires “unhindered humanitarian assistance”, which has always been the vision of the Rejepov Brothers. As Turkmen’s citizens are dwelling in long lines of scarcity and witnessing hungry citizens lined up for small amounts of food, we saw Rejepov Brothers turning into an influential role by entering into the construction of factories, highways, and International companies to build in the gap of financial drifts as seen over time since 2016. 

Here are a few incidents which prove the Rejepov Brothers are the participants of Turkmen’s politics but with a golden heart. 

  1. The humanitarian tasks of the family lasts from times before they came known to the public. Not many know, but as and when Russia halted the purchase of natural gas, the Turkmen government surprisingly and swiftly fell short of paying off even its debts. It was a high time when the Rejepov brothers had come ahead in the difficult times and supported the nation’s economical stability.
  2. The Rejepov Brothers also made the largest contract with the British company, Greatcom Trade LLP. The company is responsible for providing Turkeministan with 15,100 tons of sugar, 7000 tons of chicken quarters, 2083 tons of sunflower oil, 170 tons of Butter, and 107 tons of margarine. This was indeed a greater collaboration done to uplift the nation’s economy.
  3. The petrochemical plants of the state have been noted to channel exports to the UK firms under the examination of the Rejepov Brothers, Hajymrat Rejepov. This has not only been supported positively in the employment of the economically weaker sector but also developed a hybrid opportunity in ways to enhance the nation’s growth.
  4. The brothers have now for long and for good, also tried to amass carbamide and ammonia with the help of a $1.6 bn loan from a Japanese bank. This key decision was made precisely to make the citizens be in the beneficial phase and propel the ways towards growth and stability.
  5. After multiple accusations, the brothers cooperated with OCCRP through their conducted searches after which there came clear non-evidence of any corrupt or illegal wealth being accumulated. 

Though any update or information is always hard to come by for the Rejepov Brothers, as they do not have any picturesque aided activity. Yet, there have been many incidents they have been hearing and still propelling towards their path of success and betterment of their state. The betterment decisions have been unbiased from any personal growth or selfish motives and have seen an impulsive rate of growth over time.