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Read This to Stay Safe From Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine

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In Abu dhabi, purchasing a car is rather simple, but one must be aware of the tight rules and regulations to prevent traffic tickets. The Roads, as well as Transportation Authority (RTA), takes seriously its responsibility to enforce traffic laws. Additionally, breaching driving laws is not tolerated in Abu dhabi.

You must keep in mind all the regulations you shouldn’t infringe while traveling in the Emirate to avoid paying these fines. Let’s begin with a summary of the various traffic fines that may be issued in Abu dhabi and the possible black spots that may be associated with those penalties.

Abu dhabi has strict traffic regulations. As a result, it is expected of everyone with a driver’s license to be aware of and obedient to the laws of the road. Strict regulations are in place to guarantee that incidents are kept to a minimum and that riding is safe. You can use this article as a thorough guide on how to manage accidents in Abu dhabi if you have one by referring to it.

In Abu dhabi, breaking traffic laws carries with it a steep fine. Some even lead to car impoundment and black cards.

Black points system:

The black points system enables Abu dhabi’s law enforcement to keep track of your driving infractions. Abu dhabi has placed cameras as well as radars to record traffic infractions. Based on the intensity of the infraction, Abu dhabi Police may add black marks to the traffic records if you violate certain defined laws while driving. Depending on how serious the offense is, a variable amount of points is applied to it. For each point added, you’ll get a text message. Here on the Abu dhabi Police site, you may see what black points you currently have.

The traffic police possess the complete right to suspend your driver’s license and forbid you from operating a vehicle for an entire year if you accrue more than 24 black points.

Types of traffic fines in Abu dhabi:

Not using a seatbelt

Every nation requires front-seat and driver passengers to buckle up, and Abu dhabi is no different. There is now a new rule requiring seatbelt use for all passengers. The National Traffic Police has made the law public, as well as the Abu dhabi Police strictly abide by it. To prevent fines of AED 400, constantly make sure you as well as your passengers are wearing seatbelts while getting into the rental car. Keep in mind that the car rental will not pay such fines.

Parking Not Designated

Typical Traffic Offenses in Abu dhabi Finding a good parking space might be difficult, especially in the historic part of the city, because parking charges in Abu dhabi are lesser in comparison to those in other big cities. Additionally, it frequently results in cars parking haphazardly in places that are not authorized. Parked cars on sidewalks, in the sands, and also double are common sights. Non-designated parking is among Abu dhabi’s lesser infractions, and the driver would be assessed AED 200. It is important to inquire with the car rental about the numerous parking zones you must be aware of to avoid paying a price for this.

Hard Shoulder Cross

In Abu dhabi, it is seen as a serious offense, and the Abu dhabi Police has launched multiple advertisements warning motorists against using the hard shoulder. Although the hard shoulder is intended for emergency services and situations, most drivers frequently use it. These situations typically happen when traffic is heavy and cars are trying to get away quickly. In the UAE, it is regarded as a cardinal traffic offense that carries harsh penalties. To avoid breaking the law and getting a ticket of AED 600, never drive your leased automobile on the hard shoulder.

Abruptly swerving

In Abu dhabi, it’s common to see drivers rapidly swerve between lanes without utilizing their turn signal or warning other motorists. One of the major dues of traffic accidents, aside from mortalities, is this traffic offense. It is important to just use your turn signal when crossing roads to avoid collisions and an AED 200 fine.

The city’s traffic signs, laws, and parking spaces may appear perplexing and scary to inexperienced drivers. 

How to avoid traffic fines in Abu dhabi:

  • Immediately swerving puts other car drivers and the driver as well as passengers in danger. Make sure that all turns are executed with the necessary signaling and the appropriate allocations.
  • In the event of an emergency, failing to maintain safe spacing between vehicles causes panic. Make sure you keep a safe gap among your car as well as other vehicles.
  • For the safety of both drivers and riders, safety belts are provided. Make careful to buckle up, whether you’re the driver or a guest.
  • Traffic signal disobedience is a significant infraction since it makes other drivers nervous and puts other road users, particularly pedestrians, at risk. Make sure that almost all traffic regulations are followed to the letter.

A deadly accident may result from confusion brought on by a lack of traffic lights. If the indicator’s light is broken, it needs to be fixed right away, or a replacement should be put in. By doing this, the driver makes sure that some other motorists are aware of all of his or her intentions.


Traffic fines may be paid in a series of interest-free payments. You can also use banks to make payments, like Noor Bank, which allows credit card users to set up 0% installment plans. Furthermore, if the fine amount is at a minimum of AED 500, you may pay monthly charges over 3 to 12 months.

Car owners also can approach the centers set up to claim traffic penalties or settle their fines using the Abu dhabi Police website or app.


You won’t be permitted to exit the nation but if you’re an ex-pat with an outstanding traffic fine. The expatriate’s visa will be connected to the penalty, and your visa can indeed be canceled until you pay the fine.

This rule will eventually be expanded to include all of the expatriate’s spending obligations.