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Dubai is famous for its meteoric ascent to prominence as among the most sought-after travel countries in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates was ranked fourth in the GEI 2020, indicating the country’s efforts in recent years to improve its entrepreneurship and worldwide competence.

 The emirate’s great achievement may be directly ascribed to the famous young entrepreneurs and women who have helped the country’s progress and the development of society in this fast-paced city. We take a look at these powerful figures, who came from various origins and have lived in the UAE virtually since its inception. We’ve listed UAE’s most successful and young entrepreneurs:

Mais Al Nuaimi

On a never-ending journey to self and enlightenment, this travel lover and tennis aficionado have a taste for adventures and a desire to explore every part of the globe. Mais Al Nuaimi co-founder of Mundana, an all-in-one online travel company that oversees everything from itinerary planning to excursions, in 2015.

The firm also has an online platform with articles on various locations, cultures, and tips and advice. Mundana’s main Instagram page delivers daily travel motivation and tailors vacations to your preferences.

Kenny, Paul is indeed a leading e-commerce company in North Africa (MENA) and the Middle East area, and it has transformed the model of online purchasing by offering the finest promos and bargains to people all across the world.

 On Cobone, customers can get the best goods and administrations at the best prices, such as dining, spa, beauty, activities, auto, and holiday bargains. Cobone, founded by young Irish businessman Paul Kenny in 2010, generates around $600,000 in monthly electronics discounts and promotions and over 700 bargains for its clients.

Paul was named Middle East’s annual Entrepreneur and Ernst & Young Rising Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012, emphasizing his accomplishments at a very young age.

Omaira F. Al Olama

Omaira Al Olama is a formidable opponent. She is fearless, brilliant, and inspirational, and she has dedicated her life to assisting others in becoming the best possible version of themselves. The Accelerated Learning Formula was founded by Omaira (ALF).

ALF currently educates young people from all across the UAE and helps them find their role in the world. This is one of the state’s few companies whereby UAE nationals train other UAE nationals. The beautiful mother of three is indeed a Ted Talk presenter and runs several ALF programs aimed at assisting others in their personal and professional lives.

Danish Farhan

Danish Farhan, the company’s creator, envisioned Xische as the Middle East’s premier hybrid consultation service. Xische, which combines management consulting with marketing and strategy, attempts to tackle common business problems by offering services such as brand identity, brand development, digital campaigning, social media, and website development, to mention a few. Xische has amassed an impressive client base of enterprises from all around the world since its inception in 2001.

Omar Al Mheiri

Omar Al Mheiri, a 24-year-old aspiring co-founder and one of the most famous UAE co-working centers, earned from Northeastern University in Boston a degree in mechanical engineering in 2017.

He was accepted into the E25 entrepreneurial career at EMAAR shortly after graduating, where he co-founded Let’s work with Hamza Khan. Let’swork provides freelancers, SMEs, and companies with inexpensive, flexible, and exciting workspaces around the country.

 It also assists people in obtaining company licenses. Omar is also a part of the UAE’s Private Sector Student Organization.