List of International Law Firms in Uzbekistan


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Law is a large service-based industry. Litigation, taxation, finance, ownership, corporate affairs, patents, disputes, trademarks, antitrust, arbitrator, labor, and management, economic, and social issues all necessitate legal competence. The top International law firms in Uzbekistan are listed below. All values are for the calendar year 2022 and are based on a ranking established by The International Advocate.

  • Rezolut Law Firm

Rezolut Law Firm assists enterprises with international and domestic business transactions, as well as the resolution of commercial matters.

Punctuality in response, precision and a systematic method to the tasks given, devotion to outcomes, and formulation of advanced solutions with the participation of leading experts assure the utmost efficiency of their services. Their group also comprises investments and international trade specialists, acting judges and arbitrators, specialists with expertise in international organizations, and members of the State of Uzbekistan’s Legislature, allowing them to examine the matter from every viewpoint.

  • Leges Advokat

Leges Advokat is a top-tier Uzbek law firm that provides high-quality legal services based on a thorough understanding of Uzbek jurisprudence. We represent multinational enterprises, multilateral development banks, sovereign nations, and their organizations, and also domestic businesses and financial firms, in a wide range of legal matters.

  • Business Lawyers Group

In the year 2012, their law firm was founded. Ever since they’ve been providing a variety of legal assistance, and the business has a great reputation in the Uzbek legal industry. Their major goal is to safeguard their clients’ interests and deliver the best legal assistance possible. They have all of the required resources to achieve their objective.

  • Gravemen Fidelis & Fides

GRAVAMEN FIDELIS & FIDES is a major law firm in Uzbekistan, providing a comprehensive selection of high legal assistance. “GRAVAMEN FIDELIS & FIDES” was established in 1994 and specializes in providing legal services to large corporations, international organizations, and local firms. They provide an individualized approach and inventive problem-solving approaches that are tailored to their clients’ needs.

  • Dentons

Dentons understand that comprehending local cultures is critical to effectively closing a deal, settling a dispute, or addressing a business difficulty. Dentons is driven to offer clients competitiveness and is connected to the regions in which its clients wish to operate.

  • Kosta Legal’s experts

Kosta Legal’s experts are acknowledged for their brilliance, unique problem-solving methodologies, and desire to go above and beyond. As evidenced by several credible independent rankings, its lawyers are well-acknowledged for their superior understanding of their fields of competence.

  • Azizov Partners

Azizov Partners is a business legal firm that offers a broad range of services. They have vast experience in a wide range of industries, including energy, banking, mining and commodity, telecommunication, and so on. Their legal team is made up of individuals with extensive professional expertise.

  • Virtues Leo

The Law Firm’s structural and technical foundation is always being enhanced to meet modern standards, allowing its expertise to handle a wide variety of tasks and stay up to date on the newest legislative and enforcement agencies developments.

  • Winfield’s

Winfield’s is a comprehensive law practice in Uzbekistan that offers clients high-quality legal assistance that is tailored to their specific needs. In Uzbekistan and abroad, Winfields provides the highest level of counsel and assistance to our customers.

  • Black Swan Consulting

Black Swan Consulting (BSC) is just a legal firm that delivers high-quality legal solutions and services for all situations and dangers. We are legally qualified with vast expertise and knowledge in a variety of legal fields.