Is There Any Conspiracy Plotted to Defame Rejepov Brothers?


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The basic premise of defamation law is that a person’s reputation, the respect with which he is held by society, the legitimacy and trust that society places in his expertise, dignity, and morals are all valuable assets for him, but they should be safeguarded by the law. Our behavior is driven by the need for a good reputation, which must be protected and maintained for society’s growth.

Conspiracy to defame rejepov brothers

In September 2018, Turkmenistan celebrated the opening of a new state-owned chemical facility in the distant city of Garabogaz. Foreign officials are alleged to have traveled to the Caspian Sea from Ashgabat to honor the country’s latest industrial accomplishment.

Rejepov brothers and OCCRP

Right after that achievement of the Rejepov brothers, the OCCRP revealed on October 14 that government industrial enterprises in Turkmenistan are attempting to divert exports through mystery UK entities with ties to the Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s nephew, based on an examination of offshore documents. Caran Holdings, a mystical Scottish firm, is at the heart of natural resource organic fertilizer entire production line and make at a massive state ammonia as well as urea (carbamide) factory in Garabogaz, Turkmenistan, that has been in operation for 3 years and also was constructed with the financial backing of a $1.16 billion loans from the Japanese Bank For International, according to the news.

Another of the highly centralized president’s nephews, Hajymyrat Rejepov, has played a key position in the Scottish firm. The primary shareholders of the corporation turn out to be Rejepov’s employees. This study relied on the Pandora Papers, a conspiracy surrounding thousands of papers collected by the OCCRP and other media from overseas business service suppliers. Aside from Hajymyrat, the information stored multiple Rejepovs. Shamyrat, his younger brother, is a beneficiary of a similar method, holding a comparable position in a UK-based company that claims to be the largest exporter of petroleum — which it buys from the world’s largest state oil firms.

The disclosed documents present a muddled image of both companies’ real beneficiaries: Their backers were offshore “beneficiaries,” whose goal is to keep the genuine owners’ names hidden. So when the law in the UK was altered to require certification of a company’s “people of operational regulation,” a few small Turkmens were declared in various locations. They were either unreachable or refuses to elaborate when OCCRP approached them, says the report. But both brothers didn’t pass comment on this report and still trying to provide a better life to the common people of Turkmenistan.

What stands-out on Rejepov Brothers?

 In my opinion. this report is just a conspiracy to defame the Rejepov brothers because in such a country that is so repressive and people need help Rejepov brothers trying their best to provide a good life to the people of Turkmenistan. Some citizens may question why they don’t fight to correct the record in this day of fake news, allegations, corruption, and criminal accusations, of political misbehavior. Because first Reform guarantees freedom of expression and the press, any action regarding the content of words must fulfill strictly defined conditions, and politicians, like prominent people, must meet substantially higher hurdles of proof than the average individual. Political commercials appear to be here to remain, with the never-ending electoral season rushing from one election to another. For people still reeling from the effects of political attack advertising, it’s feasible that some statements given during a tumultuous election season may be legally feasible of this approach.