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How to Prevent Abu Dhabi Police Fine?

Are you familiar with all Abu Dhabi's traffic regulations?...


Are you familiar with all Abu Dhabi’s traffic regulations? In Abu Dhabi, there are many stringent traffic laws in place to guarantee the safety and security of both drivers and pedestrians.  The officials in Abu Dhabi make sure that traffic regulations and laws are strictly followed. The highly efficient black point system as well as large fines keep us all safe on the roadways. Knowing the true cost of a mistake motivates drivers to drive more cautiously. However, for a newcomer, it could be a little challenging to recall all these regulations as well as the lengthy list of infractions and traffic tickets in Abu Dhabi. The checklist of Abu Dhabi police traffic fines that you’ll need to be aware of is provided here today. Exactly do you know that overcrowding the site of a road accident as well as parking on the sidewalk can result in a fine? To avoid breaking any driving regulations or restrictions, find out about the Abu Dhabi Police traffic fines for 2022!

Unless you have millions of dollars in income, breaking traffic laws in the UAE can pay any owner of the vehicle a lot. The UAE’s judicial system takes adherence to traffic laws very strictly. The penalty range from just 100 to 7000 AED and beyond. The following is a list of offenses that are punishable by a Dhs1,000 fine under the UAE’s state traffic law. Are you using your phone and driving or throwing rubbish out of your car? Due to such traffic fines, you risk receiving black points on your license on top of the Dh1,000 fine.

We also provide crucial details about Abu Dhabi’s black point-based system, how to submit the fines, and how to receive a refund on traffic charges.

Black Points:

Abu Dhabi’s police departments can keep count of your traffic violations thanks to the black points system. Radars and cameras have been installed in Abu Dhabi to track traffic violations. If you break any of the above traffic rules, Abu Dhabi Police can add a black point to your driving record depending on the severity of the infringement. The number of points assigned to an offense varies depending on how severe it is. You’ll receive a text message for every point that is added. You may check the number of black points you presently have right here and on the Abu Dhabi Police website.

In Abu Dhabi, black points—an extra fine—are frequently assessed in addition to traffic fines. You may experience a driving ban or vehicle impoundment if you accumulate a particular number of black points in your record. In general, light vehicles (LV) are impounded more frequently than heavier vehicles (HV). Wherever appropriate, we have noted the vehicle model in the listings that follow. Let’s begin with Abu Dhabi’s speed fines.

ViolationFine(AED)Black  pointsVehice Confiscation
Breaching the posted limit of 80 km/h300023LV: 60 days
More than 60 km/h beyond the posted limit of speed200012LV:30 days
No and over 60 km/h beyond the posted limit15006LV:15 days
Surpassing the posted speed by no more than 50 km/h1000
Exceeding it by no more than 40 km/h700
Exceeding it by no more than 30 km/h600
Exceeding it by no more than 20 km/h300
Exceeding it by no more than the minimum speed limit400

Fine related to the Reckless Driving:

Violation  Fines(AED)Black PointsPenalties
Alcohol consumption while driving  Court’s Decision23Vehcile confiscation for one month
Putting at danger the safety of drivers  200023VC: for a month
Driving the car against the flow of traffic  6004VC: one week
Driving when impaired by drugs or other comparable substances  Court’s DecisionVC: one months with one year of license cancelation
Reversing recklessly  5004
Abrupt swerving  10004
Not ensuring that the way is clear before approaching the road  4004
Not pausing after a minor collision  5008VC:one week
Driving without having your licence plates on  300023VC: Three months
Driving over the shoulder of the road10006
Causing a deathCourt’s Decision23VC: 60 days
Turning from unauthorised locations5004
Not using indicators when making a turn or changing lanes400

How to prevent traffic fines in Abu Dhabi?

The absence of traffic signals might cause confusion, which could lead to a deadly accident. The indicator light must be rectified immediately if it is broken, or a replacement must be installed. The driver ensures that other drivers are informed of all of his or her objectives by doing this.

  • Swerving suddenly puts people, the driver, as well as other motorists in danger. Ensure that all rounds are carried out with the required signaling and allocation.
  • Failure to maintain a safe distance between vehicles during an emergency leads to chaos. Keep a safe distance between your car and other moving cars.
  • Safety belts are available for both driver’s and passengers’ protection. If you’re the operator or a passenger, pay attention to wearing a seatbelt.
  • Disobedience of traffic signals is a serious offense since it causes anxiety in other vehicles and exposes other people on the road, notably pedestrians, to danger. Make sure that nearly all traffic laws are adhered to strictly.

How to check black point online?

You can use the E-services on the authorized Abu Dhabi Police Department’s website to find out how many points are now against your license in Abu Dhabi. Go to the “Traffic Penalty fees Inquiry” section under “Public Services” to learn more about the Abu Dhabi black points investigation. By inputting your traffic registration, license number, or license plate, you can verify your black points below.