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The UAE government has been putting numerous digitalization ideas into practice over the past few years. DARB Abu Dhabi is essentially an interconnected transportation hub that aids locals in exploring the capital city. To use the authorized DARB website or app, you may plan your trip by looking up the different transportation options, the travel time to your location, the current traffic situation, and other pertinent information.

Since January 2, 2021, the Abu Dhabi toll plaza system has indeed been operational. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Intelligent Transport Centre urges drivers to enroll their vehicles as quickly as practical for the DARB toll gate to avoid penalties. So how would I enroll a car for such an Abu Dhabi toll gate is the major query. We’ve put up a guidebook on Abu Dhabi toll gate enrollment, because most locals still refer to it, as “Abu Dhabi Salik”—to assist you with all of that.

What is DARB?

The center of the UAE has experienced rapid development in recent years and is now a popular trip and commercial hub. The existing public transportation system required an improvement due to the rising population of locals and visitors. As a result, the Transport department of Abu Dhabi has made significant investments to create a cutting-edge transport system in Abu Dhabi. People can plan their travels using technology. To avoid disruption, real-time information is given concerning each method of transportation via the DARB site or app.

As previously mentioned, DARB is an online resource that offers locals and guests all the details needed to plan a trip by sea, air, or land in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

How does DARB operate?

Modern technology is used in the DARB toll gate system. When you travel through one of the automatic toll gates, the car is recognized by its license plate number, and a certain fee is subsequently withdrawn from the account’s purse.

Additionally, the plate number suffices and you don’t need to attach any tags to your car. The procedure is really simple and hassle-free to make things easier for you.

  • Directions for driving
  • Travel via car maps
  • The locale’s closest attraction (Hospital, ATM, etc.)
  • Rates, hours, and location of parking
  • Road construction
  • Bus route map
  • Buses stations
  • Route has taken by bus across Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, as well as the Western Area
  • Routes and services for ferries
  • Ferry bus routes
  • Listings of all airports on maps
  • Bus routes at airports
  • Report cab-related mishaps
  • Make contact with drivers to coordinate carpooling
  • Describe your overall impressions of the customer service department.
  • Inform us of any parking mishaps.
  • Inform the authorities about any incidences.
  • Order a taxi
  • The cost of a cab

How to register for DARB?

Before you start the process of creating your DARB Abu Dhabi account, it’s helpful to have the necessary documentation on hand.

  • Emirates ID
  • Valid email and mobile number
  • The vehicle’s license plate
  • Details of a credit or debit card

If you have everything prepared, follow these instructions:

  • Browse the DARB Abu Dhabi webpage or get the DARB app for your smartphone.
  • Under Create New Account, choose “Individual” for the type of services.
  • Type in a working email address and hit submit.
  • Your email account will receive an OTP (Unique Password). Activate the OTP.
  • Choose the emirate where your car(s) is/are registered.
  • User traffic code number.
  • The registered cellphone number to use
  • the OTP message that you will receive on your mobile OTP.
  • Set a password and verify it.
  • The online registration procedure for the DARB toll gates is now complete.

How to add money in your DARB wallet?

  • By logging into DARB’s profile, you can add money to your wallet. Following a login, there are several options to proceed as follows:
  • The “Top-up” option, which is located next to the name of your wallet, can be selected.
  • Simply select any of the vehicles from the vehicles tab, as well as the system will allow you to top off the selected wallet.
  • By clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen, you can also recharge the wallet from your profile.
  • Additionally, it is the same procedure to top off your wallet if you’re already unsure how to refresh your accounts through the DARB toll gates method.

Timing of DARB offices:

The Abu Dhabi DARB is open seven days a week from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. Kindly be informed that the offices are shut down on weekends and federal holidays.

One of many internet services the government has launched to better the lives of its citizens and improve it all from transportation to leisure to more effective, accessible, and sustainable is the DARB program.

Another great illustration of how governments may use technology to assist travelers and guests is DARB Abu Dhabi. You can get the DARB application to learn more about the lovely capital city. Install the numerous RTA apps if you intend to travel to the nearby emirate of Dubai for a hassle-free trip with public transit.

How much would register a vehicle cost?

The entire registration charge for each vehicle is AED 100; this is broken down into AED 50 for the registrations and AED 50 for the pocket balance.

Are DARB accounts required for every vehicle you own?

You may insert many vehicles for much the same account, therefore no, you don’t. Additionally, because DARB’s website is linked to the National Traffic System, any new cars you buy will be registered on the system.

Who is not required to pay the DARB Fee?

Following is a list of those who are exempt from taxes DARB’s fee:

  • People with a strong will
  • Emirati households with low incomes
  • Elderly people (aged 60 and above)
  • Retired people.

What Are the Office of DARB’s Hours of Operation?

For any inquiries or questions, you can get in touch with them at DARB’s office in Abu Dhabi. The office’s operating times and address are listed below:

  • Location: In Rabdan, Abu Dhabi, on Al Khor Street.
  • Working hours are 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Thursday.
  • 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Fridays
  • Saturdays are off.