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He has stood by all of the vulnerabilities, has a brutal down putting history behind himself to carry, people see him for the dirt that has publicly gotten behind him by mistake, yet he consistently makes efforts to stand as a wall of support for his own nation, yet he knows that though there’s not much he can change from the past, for what’s said cannot be unsaid, but a flicker of patriotism is still what continues to grow inside of him, a flicker that if given the right chance might turn into this beam of light for the citizens of his own. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen reading this, we’re talking about Shamyrat Rejepov here, a name that might be heard out aloud for its good impacts soon. Yes, we’re talking about him who is looking forward to taking the oath as Vice President  State Bank for Foreign economic affairs of Turkmenistan He is the son of  Durdynabat Rejepov, the elder sister of the head of state. Shamyrat and Hajymurat Rejepov. In the past, though being regarded as one among the PEPs, it is still courageous to take another step towards the country’s net growth. 

At the time, the two were accused of having a secret relationship with some foreign-registered companies, and it is known that they benefited from the leakage of petrochemical products and fertilizing chemicals. These outright accusations are known to distort the image of these influences, but they do not prevent them from opening the door to the once famous authoritarian states. Shamyrat is the Vice-President and Vice-President of the renowned Turkmenistan Fight Foundation. The respective fund has been very useful to the prosperous heart of the country and has in the past has earned a reputation and reputation for itself. The organization has built a reputation over the years and you can be sure that the image of the country will rise to new heights under Rejepov’s leadership. 

The brothers knew they were living a luxurious life, but people seemed to see things the wrong way. It was always as if their richness puts them on the same page as other rich people, like almost being viewed from the same prejudiced perspective as others. Though being quite disregarded, the brother’s combined efforts to help the country from the water and food scarcity back in 2018 cannot be really denied. Though they don’t really stand proud to take credit for it all, just like one acknowledges the spotlights of the play, it is important to acknowledge the people behind the curtains too. These wonderful men have always been the ones behind the curtains. Because the crowd always saw it that way and always listened to that which is said. We don’t think people are going to see and think about what they have said. Corruption, though not being something that is noticeable enough, but yet it isn’t something to be used as a pet word for every deed of one. It is not a petite of a word too.