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Are you looking for a visa to enter the UAE? New immigrants in the UAE have long been required to undergo a medical checkup as a condition of their residency visa. The DHA Dubai Health Authority recently introduced COVID-19 restrictions, Health screening exams, for example, are not required for certain populations. You might even find that several medical fitness centers have shut their doors.Can you still require medical testing for the UAE residence permit, and if so, how do you get one?

What’s a medical test?

A medical fitness exam and proof of compliant health insurance are required in the final stages of the residence permit. All ex-pats functioning in the UAE are needed to acquire a work visa. The medical exam also includes a blood test and a chest X-ray. Among some other things, these tests look for syphilis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, and tuberculosis.

Please remember that for visa renewal, every resident ex-pats must undergo tuberculosis screening.

What diseases are you being tested for?

Those who test positive for HIV or have tuberculosis will be deemed medically unfit and will not be given a residency visa. They would be expelled back to their home nation promptly by UAE officials.

Residents with hidden or latent tuberculosis in the lungs are also deemed clinically fit.

They are given a one-year ‘Health Certification for Residence’ in this situation, subjected to treatments, and joined by the Ministry of Public Health or a comparable government health body.

As a result, if you feel you are infected with a communicable disease, you should get tested in your native country first.

Fees for Medical certificate

  • Every category (excluding vaccination and female household domestic service) AED 260
  • Every category (including vaccination ) AED 310
  • Domestic services provided by women AED 360
  • AED 110 plus VAT is required for a medical certificate at shopping mall medical centers.
  • A medical test at the Department of Health and The prevention is required (Mohap)
  • A service fee of AED 105 is applied to preventative care departments.
  • Residency visa health check-up certification AED 250, State health Department Abu Dhabi, HAAD
  • Vaccine for Hepatitis B AED 50
  • DHA Typing Centre charges the following rates:
  • 322.5 AED is the standard charge ( within five working days)
  • VIP registrations cost 4 hours AED 752.5 
  • Fees for a housemaid visa are normally 372.5 AED (within 5 working days).
  • AED 482.5 for a housemaid visa (within 48 hours)
  • AED 582.5 for a housemaid visa (within 24 hours)
  • AED 802.5 (within 4 hours), and is for VIP housemaid visa applicants.
  • Documents needed to renew a visa
  • Attached to the passport is a copy of the residence permit.
  • Two recent passport-sized photos
  • A local labor card or identification card
  • Test fee (whatever is applicable at your time of applying)
  • original passport photocopy

Required documents for a medical examination for a UAE residency visa:

  • Copy of valid passport
  • Copy of a valid residency visa.
  • 2 passport photos with a white background.
  • Copy of a certified Emirates ID (only for renewal)

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